This is the Official John Muir High School Website for the Class of 1960. The Class boasts of a graduating student body of over 928 back in those "good old days".

We had our 50 year reunion on July 9th-11th, 2010. The reports are in from many who attended and it was a colossal 5 star event. There were 290 plus celebrating the excitement and delight to see old friends and classmates once again. In some cases, tears of happiness flowed like fine Champaign. As always, even over the 3 day event, there still wasn't enough time to see everyone you wanted to.

Keep tuned for news of the 55 Year Reunion as there is a great "Encore Performance" in planning which will compliment the 50th and add a whole new dimension to the words "good time and lots of fun". If you missed this reunion, you are able to view the highlights here on this website and witness the event for yourself. See Reunion Info page.

Plan on attending the 55th year reunion and enjoy the great company and relaxation among friends.

Like life, parts of this website are still evolving with new features, so visit it often and bridge the gap to the next reunion. This website is our interactive hub of on going communication between the Alumni families and their classmates.

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